Those little extras

With a little additional thought we can change the character of a room to add to the impact of your event.

If you want to add your signature to your celebration then why not change the decor of your venue.

We’re not suggesting you get the decorators in, just to think about personalising your setting to make your event unique. With clever use of lighting we can paint the venue’s walls to suit a specific shade linked with your event and enhance any room. Glowing Dancing Floors

Carefully positioned lighting and drapes can alter the shape of a room creating a wonderful effect. We believe visual appearance is as important as sound when it comes to creating the right mood.

Maybe you would like an illuminated dance floor or would like to create attention with a confetti canon, lighting, bubble machine, flame effects, snow or haze generators or pyrotechnics. There are many options available to customise your celebration and add those little touches which give the ‘wow factor’.

There are far too many options to list and new ideas are surfacing all the time so please speak to us if you have an idea or are looking for one to make your event unique.

By now you should be getting the idea of what we refer to as Ambience Engineering. We'll help you set the tone and find the right vibe.

Whatever you’ve got in mind...

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